About Us

Erroneous information from biased mainstream media (MSM), politicians, entertainment industry, celebrities, and our education institutions is becoming more prevalent by the day.  Our Nation is now subjected to endless 24/7 slanted opinions and false reporting on so many media outlets that much of America no longer knows what to believe.  Americans are making important decisions based on questionable information.

MEDIA REVEALED  is a non-partisan research organization that believes America deserves to know the truth.  Dedicated researchers are tasked with questioning facts, claims, or implications stated by politicians, TV/radio commentary pundits, and news editorial writers.  We also provide a counter to faculty/student editorials and public statements which are now revising American history taught in our schools for social engineering purposes, including specific political issues.

Our objective is to make all Americans aware of what we discover to be false, distorted, or biased statements to benefit any organization, institution, ideology, theology, or individual.  No entity nor individual is immune from our scrutiny.  Our guiding policy is neutral exposure regarding the media, in all forms.

While we are open to any opposing comment or opinion on our public Forum,  MEDIA REVEALED will not tolerate disrespectful nor hateful responses to our articles or Forum comments.  Anyone doing so will lose their posting privileges immediately.

Disclaimer:  MEDIA REVEALED is not affiliated with any media company nor any other corporate holdings, nor any group or individual with specific goals or agendas.